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Von Dutch

Inspired by the vintage motorcycle and custom movement, the caps Von Dutch reinterpret the smoky, noisy retro style of American choppers. Kenneth Howard, aka Von Dutchwas an artist who specialized in the art of applying the art of applying very thin lines of paint during the Kustom Kulture movement. His signature style can now be seen on the brand's caps Von Dutch and at French Market.


1 - Elthe is connue for ses articles of qualityity supérieure - Von Dutch is l'one of the marques the most prestigieuses for the fashion and l'accessoire of mode, and elthe offre of productsits of qualityity supérieure.

2 - A style unique and reconnaissable - The productsits Von Dutch shave tous très distinctifs and facilement reconnaissables. The neckleurs vives and the details on the articles sare aics and aident à créer a identity visuelthe remarquable for the marketque.

3 - From productsits for talles the opportunities - Vou findverez of productsits Von Dutch for toutes the opportunities. Vou findverez of articles for the vie of tall the jours, of évenements formels and of soirées égantes.

4 - Froms products durables - The produits Von Dutch sont construits po furerwhich in makes a excellente option for the acheteurs who recherchent tionsoduit surables and qualition.


The caps Von Dutch are known for their superior quality and durability. They are made from high quality materials and are built to last.

Design and style: The caps Von Dutch are known for their unique and modern style and design. The various colors and prints make it easy to find a cap that will match your style.

Comfort and fit: The caps Von Dutch are designed for optimal fit and comfort. They feature breathable fabric and an elastic band for a perfect fit.

UV Protection: Most caps Von Dutch have built-in UV protection, which helps protect your head from the rays.